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Math Salamanders Second Grade Math Games

Our Math Games Second Grade e-booklet is a booklet containing 24 games designed for second graders.

There is a wide selection of games to develop a range of math concepts from place value to addition and subtraction to strategic thinking.

For most games, only dice and counters are needed.

The ebooklet comes in the form of a pdf download delivered straight to your computer.

Key Skills Covered

The key skills covered in these game includes:

  • reading and writing numbers to 1000;
  • ordering and comparing numbers to 1000;
  • combining hundreds, tens and ones to 1000;
  • properties of numbers to 1000;
  • adding to 20;
  • adding and subtracting tens;
  • subtracting to 20;
  • multiplying to 5x5;
  • 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables;
  • strategic thinking;

Sneak Preview

There is a sneak preview of a few of the pages from our e-booklet below.

Simply click on the thumbnail image to open up a larger picture of the game.

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