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We explain how absolute value works and provide a simple and easy-to-use calculator to find the absolute value of different numbers and fractions.

Find the Absolute Value of ... Calculator

  • Input any integer or decimal value into ourAbsolute Value Calculator.
  • You can type a fraction by typing the numerator then '/' then the denominator.
    • Examples: 3/4 (three-quarters); 2/5 (two-fifths); 4/9 (four nineths).
  • You can type a mixed number by typing the number part, then a space then the fraction.
    • Examples: 2 1/2 (two and one-half); 3 4/5 (three and four-fifths); 7 1/3 (seven and one-third).

Find the Absolute Value Calculator


How does Absolute Value Work?

The absolute value of a number or value is the distance the value is from 0.

It is always positive (or can also be zero).

For any positive number, the absolute value does not change.

For any negative number, the absolute value is also the opposite value of the number.

absolute value number line example 1

In the example above, we can see that the number 5 is 5 away from 0, so the absolute value of 5 is 5.

We can also see that the number -2 is 2 away from 0. So the absolute value of -2 is 2.


  • The absolute value of 10 is 10. We write this |10| = 10
  • The absolute value of -2 is 2. We write this |-2| = 2
  • The absolute value of -16 is 16. We write this |-16| = 16
  • The absolute value of 2.5 is 2.5. We write this |2.5| = 2.5
  • The absolute value of -½ is ½. We write this |-½| = ½
  • The absolute value of 0 is 0. We write this |0| = 0

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