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Welcome to the our Online Calculator Free hub page.

Here you will find links to our selection of free online calculators which you can use to help you solve a range of math problems, from coverting to finding fractions or percentages.

Math Calculators

We have a wide range of calculators at the Math Salamanders to help you with many different areas.

Our range includes fraction, decimal and percentage calculators, converting time calculators, converting temperature calculators.

Each calculator has its own specific use, so make sure you are using the correct one.

Online Calculator Free

Take a look at all of our online calculators for converting and finding fractions, decimals and percentages!

Many of our fraction and percentage calculators will also show the working out, so you can see some worked examples of your choice.

Online Age Calculator

Do you want to know exactly how old you are to the nearest minute?

Have you been alive for more than a billion seconds?

Do you know how many days old you are?

Our online age calculator will tell you all you need to know...

Online Fraction Calculators

We have a selection of different fraction calculators which will help you to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.

Our fraction calculators will also:

  • convert fractions to simplest form;
  • convert improper fractions to mixed fractions, and mixed fractions to improper fractions;
  • convert fractions to decimals and percentages;
  • convert decimals and percentages to fractions.

Percentage Calculators

We have several different percentage calculators for you to use.

Each calculator performs a slightly different job - make sure you select the correct one for your task.

There are also support pages with our calculator pages which explain how the calculators work, complete with worked examples.

Percentage Of Calculator

This is the calculator to use if you want to find a percentage of a number.

Percentage Increase Calculator

If you need to find the percentage increase/decrease between 2 numbers, then this calculator is the one you need.

Reverse Percentage Calculator

Sometimes you are told what the percentage increase/decrease is, and you are also told the final number.

Your task is then to find the original number before the percentage increase or decrease.

Our reverse percentage calculator will help you to find the original number.

Long Division Calculator

We have created a calculator to help you master the long division method.

Just type in the dividend and divisor and let the calculator show you how to work out the long division, step-by-step.

The calculator also gives commentary to show you what is happending at each stage.

Prime Numbers Calculator

We have several prime numbers calculators to support you finding and identifying prime numbers.

One of our calculators is a Prime Number checker which tells you if a number is prime or not, and what the factors are.

Our other prime numbers calculator tells you all the prime numbers within a given interval so you can identify all the primes between two numbers.

Greatest Common Factor Calculator

Our Greatest Common Factor calculator will tell you the highest common factor between 2 or more numbers.

It will also list the factors of each of the numbers and tell you whether they are coprime or not.

Least Common Multiple Calculator

Our Least Common Multiple Calculator will find the lowest common multiple of 2 or more numbers.

It will also show you the working out using a choice of two different methods.

There are also some worked examples.

Binary Octal & Hexadecimal Converters

Our number system converters will convert numbers from binary, octal or hexadecimal into decimal (or from decimal to binary, octal or hex).

The calculators also show you detailed working out so you can see how to do it yourself!

Roman Numerals Calculator

Our Roman numerals calculator will convert roman numerals into numbers and numbers back into Roman numerals.

Absolute Value Calculator

Our absolute value calculator will find the absolute value of any integer or fraction.

Scientific Notation Calculators

We have several scientific notation calculators which will help you to convert between numbers in standard notation, scientific notation and e-notation.

The calculators show you all the working out along the way too.

Measures Conversion Calculators

Our conversion calculators will help you to convert between units of measure.

We have a range of calculators so that it is easy to select the type of measures you want to convert.

Time Conversion Calculators

Our time calculators will allow you to convert any digital time into a military time, and back.

We also have a decimal time converter which will take a time in hours, minutes and seconds and then convert it to a decimal number which represents that time. This calculator will also take a decimal time and convert it to hours, minutes and seconds.

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Calculator

We have a celsius to fahrenheit calculator which will enable you to quickly convert any celsius number to fahrenheit, or any fahrenheit number to celsius.

Popular Conversion Calculators

Here are some of our specific online calculators for converting between two units of measure.

Area, Perimeter & Volume Calculators

We are currently in the process of building up our calculators for finding the area and perimeter of different shapes.

If there is a calculator you need, which we do not yet have, please let us know!

Area Calculators

Surface Area Calculators

Perimeter Calculators

Volume Calculators

Radians to Degrees Conversion Calculator

These calculators take angles measured in radians or degrees and convert the angles to the other units.

There are also some worked examples and formulas on each of the pages.

Online Conversion Checker

Every effort has been made to ensure that the Measure Conversion Charts on this page are accurate.

If you wish to double check that the conversion that you wish to make is correct, or if the conversion that you are looking for is not here, use the link below which will open an online conversion checker in a new browsing window.


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How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

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