Prime Factorization Calculator

Welcome to our Prime Factorization Calculator page.

This calculator will convert a number into its unique product of prime factors.

You can also use the calculator for finding all the factors of any given number.

Prime Factorization Calculator - How to use it

Input any number values into our Prime Factorization Calculator and it will find quickly find all of the factors and then re-write the number as a unique product of its prime factors.

It will also show you what the number looks like in exponential form.

Note: prime numbers cannot be written as a product of prime factors as their only factors are 1 and themselves (and 1 is not prime!).

Prime Factorization Calculator



What is Prime Factorization?

Prime factorization is when we split up a number into a product of its prime factors.

Every number (except prime numbers) has its own unique set of prime factors.

How is Prime Factorization useful?

Prime factorization can be useful when working out the least common multiple, or the greatest common factor.

Prime factorization is also used in cryptography (the art of writing and solving codes) to encrypt or decrypt messages.

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How to Print or Save these sheets

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