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Welcome to our Math Salamanders Australia hub page.

Here is our dedicated page for our site for our selection of Australian Maths worksheets and resources.

Although our site is primarily designed for the US, there is a huge overlap in terms of learning objectives and coverage of the Australia Maths curriculum.

  • This page contains links to other Math webpages where you will find a range of activities and resources.
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Coronavirus Stay At Home Support

For those parents who have found themselves unexpectedly at home with the kids and need some emergency activities for them to do, we have started to develop some Maths Grab Packs for kids in Australia.

Each pack consists of at least 10 mixed math worksheets on a variety of topics to help you keep you child occupied and learning.

The idea behind them is that they can be used out-of-the-box for some quick maths activities for your child.

They are completely FREE - take a look!

About Math Salamanders Australia pages

Recently, we have created dedicated pages for the AU curriculum for Years 1 to 5.

These pages link to resources created for US students from 1st to 5th Grade.

Broadly speaking, here are the Year and Grade equivalences for the UK and US curriculum:

  • Year 1 is roughly equivalent to 1st Grade
  • Year 2 is roughly equivalent to 2nd Grade
  • Year 3 is roughly equivalent to 3rd Grade
  • Year 4 is roughly equivalent to 4th Grade
  • Year 5 is roughly equivalent to 5th Grade

Key Differences between AU and US Maths

There are a few areas where the Maths terminology and pedagogy differ.

In some areas, the AU learning objectives are 'ahead' of the US curriculum which has a strong focus on problem solving and in other areas, the US standards are 'ahead' of the AU curriculum.

One obvious area is money where the coins and their values differ.

Another area is the units of measurement which tends to be mostly metric in Australia.

However, there are also some distinct differences in Geometry definitions, such as trapeziums and trapezoids, where the definitions are swapped over.

There are also differences in some of the units of measurement in Australia compared to their standard measure counterparts, for example in the US, a cup is 240ml and in Australia, it is 250ml, and a tablespoon in Australia is 20ml but in the US it is only about 15ml.

So what have we done to make these differences clear?

We have also created individual hub pages for each school year, from Year 1 to Year 5 which link to the relevant skills needed for that particular year group.

The only real issue left for AU students and educators is that the spelling of all our worksheets (except the ones created especially for Australia) is US spelling.

This means that words like colour are spelt 'color'.

Otherwise, the worksheets are completely adaptable for the Australian curriculum.

We hope you are able to accept this issue when using our sheets!

Math Salamanders AU Hub Pages

Here are the links to our Australian hub pages for each year group.

Kindergarten Maths Worksheets

Year 1 Maths Worksheets

Year 2 Maths Worksheets

Year 3 Maths Worksheets

Year 4 Maths Worksheets

Year 5 Maths Worksheets

Other Specific AU Maths Worksheet pages

See below for our other UK Maths Worksheets pages designed for children in the UK.

For all other links, just use the menu on the right hand side of every page!

Maths Grab Packs - Australia

For those of you who have found yourselves unexpectedly at home with the kids and need some emergency activities, we have developed some Maths Grab Packs.

Each grab pack is a collection of 10 worksheets covering a range of math topics (plus a game in some of the packs).

They are completely FREE - take a look!


How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 steps to get your worksheets printed perfectly!

How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 steps to get your worksheets printed perfectly!

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