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Welcome to our Year 5 Maths Australia hub page.

In our Year 5 area, you will find a wide range of free grade 5 Maths activities and worksheets.

Come and take a look at our rounding decimal pages, or maybe some of our adding and subtracting fractions worksheets. Perhaps you are looking for some worksheets about finding angles in a triangle, or need some ratio problem worksheets to help your child learn about ratio?

This page contains links to other Math webpages where you will find a range of activities and resources.

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Year 5 Maths Learning in Australia

Here are some of the key learning objectives for the end of Year 5:

  • identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers and use them to solve problems
  • use estimation and rounding to check the reasonableness of answers to calculations
  • Use efficient mental and written strategies and apply appropriate digital technologies to solve problems
  • solve problems involving multiplication of large numbers by one- or two-digit numbers using efficient mental, written strategies
  • solve problems involving division by a one digit number, including those that result in a remainder
  • find unknown quantities in number sentences involving multiplication and division
  • identify equivalent number sentences involving multiplication and division
  • describe, continue and create patterns with fractions, decimals and whole numbers resulting from addition and subtraction
  • compare and order common unit fractions and locate and represent them on a number line
  • investigate strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator
  • recognise that the place value system can be extended beyond hundredths
  • compare, order and represent decimals
  • choose appropriate units of measurement for length, area, volume, capacity and mass
  • compare 12- and 24-hour time systems and convert between them
  • use a grid reference system to describe locations.
  • describe routes using landmarks and directional language
  • calculate perimeter and area of rectangles using familiar metric units
  • connect three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations
  • describe translations, reflections and rotations of two-dimensional shapes.
  • identify line and rotational symmetries
  • apply the enlargement transformation to familiar two dimensional shapes
  • estimate, measure and compare angles using degrees
  • construct angles using a protractor
  • create simple financial plans
  • list outcomes of chance experiments involving equally likely outcomes
  • represent probabilities of equally likely outcomes using fractions
  • recognise that probabilities range from 0 to 1
  • pose questions and collect categorical or numerical data by observation or survey
  • construct displays, including column graphs, dot plots and tables, appropriate for data type
  • describe and interpret different data sets in context

Please note: is mainly based around the US Elementary school math standards. It is a site which has been designed for students in the US to learn, practice and improve their math skills.

Though the links on this page are all designed primarily for students in the US, they are also at the correct level and standard for Australian students.

One of the issues you may notice is that some of the spelling may be different as our site and corresponding worksheets use US spelling.

Year 5 is generally equivalent to 5th Grade in the US.

The learning outcomes on this page have been taken from the Australian Education Curriculum Website

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Year 5 Maths Australia Quicklinks

On this page you will find link to our range of math worksheets for Year 5.

Year 5 Maths Australia Information

Math Salamanders is primarily designed for students in the US to learn, practice and improve their math skills.

However, most of the math skills are equally valid for students in other countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We have created hub pages, like this one, that are based on the Australian maths curriculum and have links to all of our relevant maths resources.

Place Value & Number Sense Area

Year 5 Numbers and the Number System

Here you will find a range of Free Printable Grade 5 Number Worksheets.

Using these maths worksheets will help your child to:

  • use place value with numbers up to 10 million;
  • use place value with up to 3 decimal places;
  • understand how to use exponents (powers) of a number;
  • understand and use parentheses (brackets);
  • understand and use multiples and factors;
  • extend their knowledge of prime and composite (non-prime) numbers up to 100;
  • know and be able to use the PEMDAS (or PEDMAS) rule.

Ordering Numbers, including Negative Numbers and Decimals to 3dp

The sheets in this section involve negative numbers and lists of decimals to 3 decimal places.

There are also sheets involving ordering large numbers up to 100 million.

There are sheets with decimals up to 10, and also sheets with numbers from -10 to 10.

Rounding, Inequalities, Multiples and Balancing Equations

Using these Maths worksheets will help your child to:

  • round a number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000;
  • use the > and < symbols correctly for inequalities;
  • use multiples and apply them to solve problems.
  • learn to balance math equations

All the 3rd grade math worksheets below support elementary math benchmarks.

Decimal Counting Worksheets

Using these sheets will support you child to:

  • count on and back by multiples of 0.1;
  • fill in the missing numbers in sequences;
  • count on and back into negative numbers.

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Year 5 Mental Maths Quizzes

Each worksheet tests the children on a range of math topics from number facts and mental arithmetic to geometry, fraction and measures questions.

A great way to revise topics, or use as a weekly math quiz!

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Addition & Subtraction

Year 5 Addition Worksheets

Using these 5th grade math worksheets will help your child to:

  • add decimals including tenths and hundredths mentally;
  • add a columns of multi-digit numbers, including money and decimals.

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Year 5 Subtraction Worksheets

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • subtract decimals including tenths and hundredths mentally;
  • subtract multi-digit numbers, including decimals using column subtraction.

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Multiplication Worksheets Year 5

Using these Year 5 maths worksheets will help your child to:

  • use their multiplication table knowledge to multiply by 10s and 100s mentally
  • multiply any whole number by a single digit;
  • multiply a two or three digit number by a two digit number.

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Division Worksheets Year 5

Using these Year 5 maths worksheets will help your child learn to:

  • apply their division facts up to 10x10 to answer related questions involving 10s and 100s.
  • divide any whole number by a single digit.

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Word Problems Area

Using these Year 4 Maths worksheets will help your child to:

  • apply their addition, subtraction and problem solving skills;
  • apply their knowledge of rounding and place value;
  • solve a range of 'real life' problems;
  • attempt more challenging longer problems.

Using the problems in this section will help your child develop their problem solving and reasoning skills.

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Fractions & Decimals

Using these worksheets will help your child to:

  • position different fractions on a number line;
  • understand equivalent fractions;
  • understand what a mixed number is;
  • compare two or more fractions;
  • add or subtract fractions with like denominators;
  • begin to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.

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Geometry Area

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Measurement Area

This contains all of our worksheets based on measures including area and perimeter, volume, time and money.

Area, Perimeter and Volume Worksheets

Using these maths worksheets will help your child to:

  • understand area and perimeter;
  • learn how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes.
  • find the volume of simple shapes.

Year 5 Maths Australia - Money

We have a selection of money worksheets to support counting money amounts and money challenges.

We also have some counting money riddles to help develop problem solving skills.

Year 5 Maths Australia - Time

We have a selection of time worksheets to help practice and learn 24 hour clock as well as working out time intervals.

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Fun Zone: Puzzles, Games and Riddles

Year 5 Maths Australia - Games

These Maths games have been developed to help students practice their Grade 5 Maths skills.

Year 5 Maths Australia - Puzzles

The puzzles will help your child practice and apply their addition, subtraction and multiplication facts as well as developing their thinking and reasoning skills in a fun and engaging way.

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Year 5 Seasonal Maths Worksheets

We have started creating sets of seasonal worksheets for each grade.

These sheets are great for linking to a particular topic, or doing some math that relates to the time of year.

Year 5 Maths Australia - Grab Packs

For those of you who have found yourselves unexpectedly at home with the kids and need some emergency activities, we have developed some Maths Grab Packs.

Each grab pack is a collection of 10 worksheets covering a range of math topics (plus a game in some of the packs).

They are completely FREE - take a look!

Other AU Maths Worksheet pages

See below for our other maths worksheets hub pages designed for students in Australia.


How to Print or Save these sheets

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How to Print or Save these sheets

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Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 easy steps to get your worksheets printed out perfectly!

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