Military Time Converter

Welcome to the Math Salamanders Military Time Converter which will help you to convert Military to Standard time, and also Standard to Military time.

There is also support to help you find out how to convert military time yourself.

Military Time Converter

How to Convert Military Time

Here is our simple online military time converter.

If you want to convert a standard time to a military time, then use the first converter.

If you want to convert a military time to a standard time, then use the second converter.

Standard to Military Time Converter

Convert Standard to Military Time



Military to Standard Time Converter

Convert Military to Standard Time


How It Works...

Type in your time - can either be in just hours and minutes, or it can be in hours, minutes and seconds.

The Standard time should be in the form:

  • H:MM
  • HH:MM
  • H:MM:SS
  • HH:MM:SS

Where H=hours, M=minutes and S=seconds

Examples of valid times:
4:37, 12:15:58, 11:35, 6:52:09

Make sure the "am" and "pm" label is set correctly (if you are using the first converter).

Now click the Convert button to convert your time.

Military Time Converter - A Quick Note

Is noon 12am or 12pm?

By convention 12:00am is midnight and 12pm is noon.

However, it is usually easier to refer to the times as 12 midnight or 12 noon to avoid confusion!

Military Time Converter - How it works...the Formula!

The formula below will help you to convert from standard to military time.

Convert from Standard to Military Time

If the hour in standard time is an "am" time:

  • If the hour is 12am, then it changes to 00.

e.g. 12:37am changes to 00:37


  • Military time is the same as Standard time.

Remember to add the preceding zero if the hour is less than 10. Remove the "am" label.

If the hour in standard time is a "pm" time:

  • If the hour is 12pm, then it stays the same.


  • Add 12 to the number of hours. Remove the "pm" label.


4:30am = 04:30 (or 0430)   11:45am = 11:45 (or 1145)

12:32am = 00:32 (or 0032)   12:15pm = 12:15 (or 1215)

7:55pm = 19:55 (or 1955)   5:12pm = 17:12 (or 1712)

This formula will help you to convert from Military Time back to Standard Time.

Convert from Military to Standard Time

If the hour in military time is less than 12:

  • if the hour is zero, change it to 12.


  • Standard time is the same as Military time.

Remember to remove the preceding zero if the hour is less than 10. Add the "am" label.

If the hour in military time is 12 or more:

  • the time is a "pm" time.
  • if the hour is 13 or more, take away 12 from it.

Write down the new hour and minutes and add the "pm" label.


00:37 = 12:37am   07:42 = 7:42am

12:42 = 12:42pm   20:06 = 8:06pm

Other Useful Pages...

Military Time Conversion Chart

The following web information page is all about converting standard to military time, and military to standard time.

You will find an online chart on this page, as well as some handy printable charts.

Using this page will help you to:

  • convert military times to standard times;
  • convert standard times to military times;

Looking for some military time conversion worksheets...?

On this webpage there is a selection of printable military time conversion worksheets which will help you learn to convert from 24 hour clock to standard time, and from standard time to 24 hour time.

An answer sheet is provided with each sheet and the sheets are graded with the easiest sheets coming with supporting information.

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How to Print or Save these sheets

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Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 easy steps to get your worksheets printed out perfectly!

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