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Welcome to our Unix Time Stamp Converter.

Our converter will convert quickly between unix time and conventional UTC time.

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Unix Time Stamp Converter

Unix Time Stamp Converter

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How the Unix Time Stamp works

When the page is loaded in, the time will be set to the current time and date, and the Unix time stamp will display the current time stamp.

You can input a date and time and click the 'Convert to unix' button. The time will be displayed as a unix time stamp.

Or you can input a unix time stamp (you will need to overwrite the existing one) and click the 'Convert to Human' button. The unix time will be displayed in a standard time format for people.

Note: because of different time zones, times are displayed both in local time and as a GMT time.

If you click on the 'Refresh' button then the date will be set to the current date and time, and the unix time stamp will be updated too.

What is a Unix time stamp?

Unix time stamps (also called Unix EPOCH time stamps) are a way for computers to describe time as a number.

The unix time is represented by a number which is equal to the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1st, 1970 at midnight (UTC or GMT).

Any time before that time is negative, and any time after that time is positive.

What is a the difference between UTC and GMT?

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time which is a time zone used by some countries such as the UK (in the winter) and Iceland.

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time and is a 24-hour time world time standard.

Effectively, UTC=GMT in terms of their actual times.

Other Useful Pages...

More about Unix Time

There is a lot more information you can find out about Unix time.

If you would like further information and a more in-depth knowledge of this then use the link below.

It will open the Unix time page on Wikipedia in a new browser window.

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Time Puzzles

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We hope you have found our unix time stamp converter useful - please feel free to leave us a comment below.


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