Money Percentage Worksheets

Welcome to our Money Percentage Worksheets.

In this area, we have a selection of percentage worksheets for 5th and 6th grade designed to help children learn and practice finding percentages of money amounts.

Looking for UK percentage worksheets?

Percentage Learning

Percentages are another area that children can find quite difficult. There are several key areas within percentages which need to be mastered in order.

Our selection of percentage worksheets will help you to find percentages of numbers and amounts, as well as working out percentage increases and decreases and converting percentages to fractions or decimals.

Key percentage facts:

  • 50% = 0.5 = ½
  • 25% = 0.25 = ¼
  • 75% = 0.75 = ¾
  • 10% = 0.1 = 110
  • 1% = 0.01 = 1100

Money Percentage Worksheets

How to work out Percentages of a Money Amount

When dealing with percentages of money, there are a few key facts you need to know...

Some Key Money Percentage Facts

  • 1% of $1 is 1¢
  • To find 1% of a money amount, divide the amount by 100
  • To find 10% of a money amount, divide the amount by 10
  • To find 50% of a money amount, halve the amount.
  • 100% of any amount is just the amount itself.

More important percentage facts...

  • 1% of $27 is 27¢
  • 27% of $1 is 27¢
  • 1% of $42 is 42¢
  • 42% of $1 is 42¢
  • To find 30% of a money amount, divide the amount by 10, then multiply by 3
  • To find 5% of a money amount, divide the amount by 10 and then halve it.
  • To find 35% of a money amount, find 5% of the amount and then multiply by 7
  • To find 99% of a money amount, find 100% and then subtract 1% of the amount.
  • and so on....

How to work out Percentages of a number

If you need more help finding percentages of numbers and amounts, this page should help you!

There is also a percentage calculator on the page to support you work through practice questions.

Money Percentage Worksheets

Here you will find a selection of worksheets on percentages designed to help your child understand how to work out percentages of different money amounts.

The sheets are graded so that the easier ones are at the top.

The sheets have been split up into sections as follows:

  • finding basic money percentages 1%, 10%, 50% and 100%;
  • finding multiples of 5% of money amounts;
  • finding any percentage of a money amount.

The percentage worksheets have been designed for children in 5th/6th grade, and all the sheets come with an answer sheet.

Finding Basic Money Percentages (1%, 10%, 50% and 100%)

Money Percentages (trickier)

Money Percentage Worksheets Walkthrough Video

This short video walkthrough shows several problems from our Money Percentages Worksheet 3 being solved and has been produced by the West Explains Best math channel.

If you would like some support in solving the problems on these sheets, check out the video!

Wrong Currency?

If you are looking for UK percentage worksheets, use the link below.

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Percentage of Numbers

The sheets on this webpage are similar to the sheets here, except that they focus on numbers, rather than money amounts.

To practise finding percentages of numbers, use the link below.

Percentage Word Problems

Once your child is confident finding percentages of a range of numbers, they can start using their knowledge to solve problems involving percentages.

The worksheets in this section contain a range of percentage problems set in different contexts.

Percentage Calculators

We have a range of percentage calculators online for finding a range of different types of percentages.

At present, we have the following calculators:

  • A Percent Of Calculator for finding the percentage of a number.
  • A Percentage Increase Calculator for finding the percentage increase or decrease.
  • A Reverse Percentage Calculator for finding the original amount before the percentage increase or decrease.
  • Calculators for converting percentages to fractions and fractions to percents.

Online Percentage Practice Zone

Our online percentage practice zone gives you a chance to practice finding percentages of a range of numbers.

You can choose your level of difficulty and test yourself with immediate feedback!

Ratio Part to Part Worksheets

These sheets are a great way to introduce ratio of one object to another using visual aids.

The sheets in this section are at a more basic level than those on this page.


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How to Print or Save these sheets

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Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 easy steps to get your worksheets printed out perfectly!

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