Money Worksheets 3rd Grade
Money Challenges & Problems

Welcome to our Money Worksheets 3rd Grade page.

Here you will find a wide range of free printable Money Challenges, which will help your child learn solve problems and develop their thinking skills whilst apply their money skills at the same time.

Money Worksheets 3rd Grade

Money Challenges

The following worksheets involve solving challenges involving money amounts. They are a great way to consolidate money learning once children are confident with counting, adding and subtracting money amounts.

Each challenge has several different versions - an easier version followed by more challenging versions. The harder sheets involve larger money amounts and more challenging money clues to work out.

The challenges are all designed for children working at a 3rd grade level, though the harder challenges could be used for higher grades, and the easier challenges could be used for more able 2nd grade children.

An answer sheet is available for each worksheet provided.

Using the sheets in this section will help your child to:

  • practise counting money;
  • compare money amounts;
  • develop their reasoning and thinking skills;
  • solve problems involving money.

All the printable money worksheets in this section will help your child to become more confident with money, and also develop their problem solving skills.

Money Worksheets 3rd Grade - Money Challenges

There are 3 main challenges - Tyger's Money Square Challenge, Row of Coins Challenge and How Much Money Challenge.

Each main challenge has several versions which start with the easiest level and progress onto harder levels of challenge.

The 3a challenge is the easiest followed by challenge 3b then challenge 3c.

Row of Coins Challenges

Tyger's Money Square Challenges

This challenge is useful for getting children to practice their mental addition of coins and developing their reasoning skills.

How Much Money Challenges

Extension Activity Ideas

If you are looking for a way to extend learning with the How Much Money challenge, why not...

Try playing 'How Much Money' in pairs.

One person chooses 2 or 3 coins and the other person has to ask questions which involve 'yes' or 'no' answers.

To make the game more interesting, have a maximum of 5 questions before you make a guess!

Looking for something easier...?

Why not take a look at our second grade money riddles and challenges?

You will find our selection of 2nd grade money riddles with money amounts up to $10.

Using the link below will take you to our 2nd grade Math Salamanders website.

Looking for something harder...?

We also have some 4th Grade Money Challenges.

These challenges are similar to our money worksheets 3rd grade on this page, but at a harder level.

More Recommended Math Worksheets

Take a look at some more of our worksheets similar to these.

Counting Money Games

Here is our collection of counting money games for kids.

All of these games are suitable for kids aged from 1st grade and upwards.

Playing games is a great way to practice math skills in a fun way. Games also help to develop reasoning, thinking and memory.

Printable Money Flashcards

Using flashcards is a great way to learn to count money in a fun and easy way.

The flashcards come complete with answers which can either be printed on the reverse of the flashcards, or they can be printed as a separate sheet for use in games like pairs.

Money Dominoes

These printable money dominoes are a great way to get kids to learn to count money in a motivating way.

The dominoes can be played or used by a single player, or they can be made into a multi-player game.

Randomly Generated Money Worksheets

Here you will find our random generator to create your very own money worksheets.

You can choose what value you wish go up to, and whether you want to add or subtract money amounts.

You can choose the number of questions you would like, as well as printing off answer sheets.


How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

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How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 steps to get your worksheets printed perfectly!

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