Liquid Conversion Chart
UK Imperial and Metric Units

Welcome to the Math Salamanders' Liquid Conversion Charts.

Here you will find a range of different measurement charts to help you to convert from one unit of liquid to another for UK imperial and metric units.

Liquid measurement is different for the US and UK, and the focus for this page is UK liquid measures.

Liquid Conversion Chart

US and UK Liquid Measurements

There are quite a few major differences in the way that different countries use to measure liquid volume.

The terms "pint" and "gallon" can mean different amounts of liquid depending on which country you are in.

The information below will tell you a few of the main differences between the way liquid volume is measured in the US and the UK.

US Customary units and UK imperial units are compared below.

US and UK Differences

How much is a fluid ounce?

In both the US and the UK, a fluid ounce is about 30ml of liquid.

However, in the US it is 29.6ml, and in the UK it is about 28.4ml, so there is still a small but significant difference.

How much is a pint?

In the US, a pint is 16 fluid ounces, or about 473ml.

In the UK, a pint is 20 fluid ounces, or about 568ml.

How much is a gallon?

In the US, a gallon is 8 pints, 128 fluid ounces or about 3.8 liters.

In the UK, a gallon is 8 pints, 160 fluid ounces, or about 4.5 litres.

These differences can lead to quite a few problems when it comes to comparing quantities or prices per gallon in different countries!

Liquid Conversion Charts UK

Here you will find a range of charts to help you convert from one unit of liquid measure to another.

Each chart is available as a printable image, as well as on the webpage.

Using these charts will help you to:

  • convert between different liquid units of measure;
  • convert from imperial to metric units;
  • convert from metric to imperial units.

For US liquid measurements, use this link

UK Liquid Conversion Charts

The charts below will help you to convert between different units of liquid volume.

It is very easy to get confused when dealing with US and UK liquid units! The only good thing is that the metric units NEVER change!

All the measurements below are for UK imperial and metric units only!

Printable UK Liquid Conversion Charts

There are also some clear and easy-to-print sheets with this information.

You have a choice of whether or not you would like precise measure conversion facts, going up to 6 or 7 significant figures, or simplified facts up to about 3 significant figures.

There is also a choice of whether you would like abbreviated units e.g. cm for centimeters, or not.

Measure Conversion Charts (UK)

The chart in this section show a range of conversion facts for UK units of measure.

Using these charts will help you convert a range of units, including:

  • lengths
  • areas
  • volumes
  • weights

All the liquid conversion charts in this section will help you convert imperial and metric units.

Measure Conversion Charts - Online Conversion Check

Every effort has been made to ensure that the Measure Conversion Charts on this page are accurate.

If you wish to double check that the conversion that you wish to make is correct, or if the conversion that you are looking for is not here, use the link below which will open an independent online conversion checker in a new browsing window.

Military Time Conversion Chart (24 hour conversion)

The following web information page is all about converting standard to military time, and military to standard time.

You will find an online chart on this page, as well as some handy printable charts.

There is also an online converter to do it all for you automatically!

If you want to know how to convert in and out of military time yourself, this is all explained too!

Using this page will help you to:

  • convert military times to standard times;
  • convert standard times to military times;
  • understand how to convert to and from military times.

You can also try our Military Time Converter which is an online tool to convert to and from military time.


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How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

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Follow these 3 steps to get your worksheets printed perfectly!

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