Number Fill in Puzzles

Welcome to our Number Fill in Puzzles Page.

Here you will find our range of printable fill in puzzles which are a fun way to enjoy learning math whilst developing your logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Math Puzzles

Using puzzles is a great way to learn Math facts and develop mental calculation and thinking skills in a fun and easy way.

Most children are much more engaged and motivated solving puzzles than working out pages of traditional math facts.

Using these math puzzles below will help your child to develop their Math fact skills as well as their strategic thinking and reasoning.

There are different versions of each puzzle from 1st to 5th grade, so it is easy to find an easier or harder version of the same puzzle.

Each puzzle comes complete with answers.

Number Fill in Puzzles

These are all the same format and all work in the same way.

Each 'crossword' type grid contains spaces for numbers - each number that goes in the grid is written below.

The challenge is to use the existing numbers as clues to find out the correct positions of the remaining numbers.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • develop logical thinking skills;
  • develop accuracy in reading and writing numbers.

number fill in puzzles example 1

In the example above, a 6 digit number has been written down, and there are spaces for two 3 digit numbers and two 4 digit numbers.

If we look at the first 3 digit number going down, we know that it has to have a number 4 in the middle. However both the 3 digit numbers in the example (246 and 549) have a 4 in the middle, so we do not yet know which number it is.

If we look at the other 3 digit number going down, we find out that it has to start with a 5. There is only one 3 digit number which has this property, which is 549. So we end up with ...

number fill in puzzles example 2

If we now go back to the first 3 digit number, we know that it cannot be 549, therefore it must be 246. So we get ...

number fill in puzzles example 3

Now let us look at the 4 digit numbers. There is a 4 digit number going across which we know nothing about, and there is also a 4 digit number going down that has a zero as the second digit. There is only one 4 digit number which has this property which is 4021. This gives us ...

number fill in puzzles example 4

There is only one remaining number to fill in, and only one number left to go which fits! The finished puzzle is ...

number fill in puzzles example 5

Number Puzzles to Fill In Worksheets

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We have a range of magic square puzzles for kids to solve, suitable from 1st grade and upwards.

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Number Search Puzzles

Number Search Puzzles are a great way to get children looking for numbers and developing number recognition skills.

They are also a good resource for developing short term number memory skills, and can be a good way to take the fear out of large numbers.

We have a range of different number search puzzles - from easier puzzles to trickier ones to work out.

With the easier puzzles, the numbers only go horizontally (left to right) or vertically downwards.

The numbers get progressively larger on the trickier puzzles, and the grids get larger.


How to Print or Save these sheets

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How to Print or Save these sheets

how to print information image printer

Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 easy steps to get your worksheets printed out perfectly!

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