Number Search Puzzles
Series A Easy Level

Welcome to our Number Search Puzzles page.

Here you will find our range of number search worksheets designed for children from 1st grade and upwards.

These sheets involve finding numbers of different sizes on a grid.

The worksheets on this page are of a easy level of difficulty.

Math Puzzles

Using puzzles is a great way to learn Math facts and develop mental calculation and thinking skills in a fun and easy way.

Most children are much more engaged and motivated solving puzzles than working out pages of traditional math facts.

Using these math puzzles below will help your child to develop their Math fact skills as well as their strategic thinking and reasoning.

There are different versions of each puzzle from 1st to 5th grade, so it is easy to find an easier or harder version of the same puzzle. Each puzzle comes complete with answers.

Number Search Puzzles

Number searches can be very useful for developing children's number recognition and memory skills.

They can also be a good way for some children to relax and focus on a straightforward task.

All of the puzzles on this page involve trying to find numbers in a number grid.

The puzzles on this easier page involve finding numbers written either horizontally - left to right, or vertically downwards.

There are no diagonal numbers on the number searches to make the numbers easier to find.

The sheets get gradually harder, with larger numbers and bigger grids.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • develop number recognition skills;
  • help to develop short term number memory;
  • not to be daunted or phased with large numbers.

All the puzzles come with an answer sheet.

Number Search Puzzles (Series A Easy Level)

Looking for some harder Number Search Worksheets?

We have a selection of trickier sheets which are more challenging than those on this page.

The numbers searches on these sheets are on larger grids and have more digits.

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Number Fill in Puzzles

It's great when kids have fun and are learning math skills without really thinking about it. These number fill in puzzles are a great way to develop thinking skills and getting kids to check all the possibilities.

Geometry Riddles

Here you will find a range of fun math riddles that will entertain and occupy your child.

Each riddle is a mathematical problem that will hopefully prove both stimulating and interesting. Using riddles is a really good way to explore mathematical ideas and concepts in a fun way!

There are riddle pages available for both numbers and geometry.

Using these riddles will help your child to:

  • develop their understanding of geometry;
  • develop their understanding of language of geometry;
  • solve problems and use their reasoning skills.

All the math puzzles printable worksheets in this section support elementary math benchmarks.

Time Riddles

Looking for an extension activity for children who can already tell the time?

Maybe you want an interesting starter activity for your lesson to get the class thinking?

These math puzzles printable time sheets will help to get your child thinking about time and solving problems involving time.

They are good at developing an understanding of the language used in time.

Math Puzzles by Grade

We have a range of different Math puzzles suitable for children from 1st grade and upwards.

The puzzles involve different skills, from solving number problems to developing logical thinking skills.


How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

Need help with printing or saving?
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How to Print or Save these sheets 🖶

Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 steps to get your worksheets printed perfectly!

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