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Welcome to the Math Salamanders Unit Fractions Information cards.

Here you will find a selection of free printable fraction information cards that will help your child learn their Fraction facts and their percent and decimal equivalences for fraction where the numerator is one.

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Fraction Learning

Fractions is an area that a lot of kids find hard to understand. One of the problems with fractions is that they have different meanings depending on the context.

For example, you can eat half an apple or cut an orange into fourths. But you can also put the number one-half on a number line, measure a line 3 1/2 cm long, or find a fourth of 24.

Once the concept of fractions as numbers and fractions as parts of a whole has been understood, your child will be well on their way to developing a sound understanding of fractions.

How to learn Fractions

On this webpage, you will find some helpful fraction information, and printable resource cards.

On each information card, you will find a complete sheet all about a given fraction, including examples of shapes with the given fraction shaded, and showing where the fraction sits on a number line.

This resource page cover tenths.

What is a fraction?

A fraction is a number which contains parts of a whole.

In the example below, the fraction shaded is 2/5 because 2 parts out of 5 are shaded.

The parts have to be equal in size!

pentagon with 2/5 shaded

Fractions can be smaller than or larger than one (one whole).

In the example below, there is 4/3 shaded (or 11/3).

four thirds circles shaded

Fractions Decimals Percents

Below are some common conversions for fractions into decimals and percents.

Fraction Decimal Percent

Where a digit is underlined, it means that the number has been rounded to 3 decimal places or 0.1%.

Unit Fraction Information Cards

Here you will find a selection of Fraction Information Cards designed to help your child how to learn unit fractions and their conversion facts.

Each fraction card comes in 3 different formats:

  • The first format is a color printable fraction information page showing the fraction in different representations.
  • The second format is a simple worksheet which involves shading the correct amount of each shape which has been divided up and also placing the fraction correctly on a number line.
  • The third format is a harder worksheet which involves writing down the correct decimal and percentage for each fraction as well as shading the correct amount of each undivided shape and placing the fraction on a number line.

Using these fractions decimals percents information cards will help your child to:

  • understand different representation of a range of fractions;
  • begin to learn how to place unit fractions correctly on a fraction line;
  • know decimal and percent equivalence for each fraction;

Unit Fractions Cards

Fractions of Quantities

Here you will find a selection of Fraction Worksheets designed to help you understand fractions as parts of a whole.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • understand how to find different fractions of shapes and quantities;
  • understand how to find different fractions of numbers;
  • understand the link between fractions and division.

All the printable fraction worksheets in this section support the Elementary Math benchmarks for 3rd and 4th Grade.

Learning Fractions

Are you looking for free fraction help or fraction support?

Here you will find a range of fraction help on a variety of fraction topics, from simplest form to converting fractions.

There are fraction videos, worked examples and maths fractions worksheets.




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