Unit Rate Problems 6th Grade

Welcome to our Unit Rate Problems 6th Grade page.

Here you will find our range of 6th Grade Unit Rate worksheets which will help your child apply and practice using unit rates in a range of different contexts.

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Unit Rate Problems 6th Grade

Here you will find a range of problem solving worksheets about unit rate.

The sheets involve working out unit rates and finding the best value unit rate.

The sheets have been put in order of difficulty, with the easiest first.

Each problem sheet comes complete with an answer sheet.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • know how to find the unit rate;
  • how to use unit rate to find the best value;
  • find the unit rate in graphs and tables.

Some of our sheets, especially those involving money, have a separate UK version.

What Is the Unit Rate?

  • A rate compares two quantities with different units. It can be written as a fraction or a ratio.
  • A Unit rate is the rate of one of a quantity compared to another quantity.
  • Usually two different measures are compared, e.g. miles in an hour, number of words in a minute, number of objects in a pack, etc.
  • Unit rates can also be thought of as a ratio with a denominator (or consequent) of 1. The unit rate is the value of the numerator.
  • Unit rates are useful because they can be used to compare different sets of rates and decide which is the best/most efficient/fastest/slowest etc.

If you would like more help and support with what the unit rate is and how to find it, use the link below.

The Definition of Unit Rate Support Page

Unit Rate Problems 6th Grade

Sheet A and Sheet B have similar problems, but Sheet A has easier numbers to work out while Sheet B has harder numbers.

Comparing Unit Rates

These sheets involve finding the unit rate for 3 different items, and then selecting the unit rate which offers the best value.

Unit Rates in Tables

These sheets involve using the information in the table to find the unit rate and then fill in the missing information in the table.

Unit Rates in Graphs

Sheets 6.1 and 6.2 involve using the graphs to find the unit rates.

Sheet 6.3 involves drawing a line on the graph to match the unit rate given.

Unit Rates in a Graph Walkthrough Video

This short video walkthrough shows several problems from our Unit Rates in a Graph Worksheet 6:1 being solved and has been produced by the West Explains Best math channel.

If you would like some support in solving the problems on these sheets, check out the video!

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How to Print or Save these sheets

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